Disconnect from Server every 5 minutes

Game mode: [Online official | Online private]
Type of issue: [Crash (disconnected)]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [America]

Server disconnects after 5 minutes of play time. I log back in and within 5 minutes, it disconnects again. Tried Official server and my private server, both disconnect within 5 minutes of logging in and playing.

I reinstalled BattleEye, cleared Steam cache, verified game files (which verify fine) and still get disconnected every 5 minutes.

Anyone else with this issue? Any fix for this issue?

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All players on…
Official server #1726 PVE - g-portal.com
are being disconnected with the message
BattleEye server query timed out
for the last 36 hours or so.

This was posted in another thread by the Funcom Community Manager

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I have not had the BattlEye error message, I just get disconnected shortly after logging in. It was every 5 minutes or so, but now it seems to be more often. 3 times in the last few minutes. I do hope they resolve it. :frowning:

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