DIsconnect upon Login after March 20 Patch

Title is basically as is.

I logged in this morning before downtime and everything was fine, no lag, no problems.

I come on this afternoon, patched less than 10 mins ago. I login, select a character, I hear the music 2-3 seconds after i get instantly disconnected. Anyone else having this issue/Have a solution?

Well i cant even get to character selection since after the patch…

I was disconnected and cant join now, Servers online ?

Shaogens just wrote on discord:

The RK 2019 server is still up.

RK server is down

Rubi-ka - down for me.
Rubi-ka 2019
Error - The login handler was not found

The login handler was not found at this address! Please try again later.

Is this still happening? We had to bring the live server down temporarily on Wednesday to resolve an issue but everything should be OK now. We did a quick server restart today (Friday, Mar 22) to up the 2019 level cap to 45.

This still happens in exactly the same way since patch, I get to character screen, I click log-in, and then disconnect 3-8 seconds later, I’m just going to redownload the game maybe something with the last patch is having a bad day with the files.

I redownloaded both clients, Both have the same issue, I thought it was maybe because of the WIFI I have been using, However, My mobile hotspot, a VPN and a different wired network also cause the problem, Sometimes I can play for as long as I need assuming I DONT zone, if I zone I disconnect immediately. :frowning:

Hm. That’s weird. Sounds like a much more complicated issue than what I personally would be able to troubleshoot with…might be worth sending a tech support request at https://www.funcom.com/help. I’m sorry for the trouble :confused: