Disconnected from 1811, server shows me online

I was just disconnected from server 1811, yet the steam server browser shows I am still online and have been for 20 minutes.

Log out of steam it will boot you out of Conan after about 30 seconds

Also I cannot log back in, the load screen just stays up.

Hmm… on all my computers and devices? Thats a pain, but I’ll give it a shot.

Logging out of steam on all my devices did not change anything. The server still shows my account as connected but I cannot re-connect.

I see you online! I wish I could play. This has been happening since friday.

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So I guess the server is just locked up and unresponsive for all, then? I have started to assume that since nobody has logged on since me.

#1313 is also down with 0 players on, an no one able to connect.

Likewise, I’ve not been able to load in for some time now, and the active player list shows me online.

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