Character staying logged in

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Interesting problem - Playing #1516 when I was disconnected. Trying to log back in was unsuccessful - connection timed out after repeated efforts. Using Steam, noticed character was still logged into #1516, so decided to log into another server to see if it was possible. Logged into #1941, and checked Steam settings. Character on #1516 still logged in, and now also logged into #1941. Screenshot attached. Qor the Vile is username for Steam.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into 1516
  2. Get disconnected
  3. Attempt to rejoin
  4. Fail
  5. Log into 1941
  6. Now on two servers simultaneously
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I’m having the exact same problem on the exact same server. It’s been 30 minutes now and it still shows me as logged in and I can’t reconnect. This is especially disappointing as this was my one day off this week and I was looking forward to playing. Working around the many in-game bugs is one thing, but now I can’t even play!

EDIT: Just realized that this post is now 3 days old with no response from FunCom. RIP this game.

Happening to me too.

On PS4, Official PvP server, I logged off (by clicking ‘Exit Game’) and closed the application then turned my PS4 off for the night as I usually do, and logged in this morning to find that I had died to hunger/thirst while offline, losing all of my gear that I had on and in my inventory… I logged out ffs.

maybe you should post it in the PS4 or console forum, not the pc one.

Sorry to hear you have same trouble. Mine was ‘resolved’ when the server restarted.

I’m on a PC, not sure what aubaine is on…

PC as well. I finally got back in - hours later.

Relax. The whole point of my post was to highlight that the issue is happening on other platforms.

Just happened to me again. Does anyone from FunCom even look at the forums or bug reports? Tonight alone I’ve encountered at least 7 different major bugs. when are they actually going to patched this “complete” game?

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