Does not log in to the server

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Good afternoon. Help please. I can’t log in to any server for three days. Even Windows reinstalled did not help. Writes loss of connection with the server. I really need help, my base will soon become dilapidated.

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Since about September 1, I can’t connect to more than one server. It takes a very long time to load the game and then an error appears that the connection with the server is lost

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log in to the game

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I don’t use any mods, only official updates.

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I load the game, select server 1130 or any one, click join the game, then the strip at the bottom of the game starts going forward and after the time has elapsed, it writes that the connection with the server is lost.

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See all the details in the post that you were supposed to provide, but didn’t? Those could be really useful if someone’s supposed to try to help you.

I am very sorry, but unfortunately I do not speak English very well. I think I filled it out, but I don’t know exactly if it’s correct.

Oh, my God, I came in. I don’t know how. Thanks.

how did you solve the problem, share a secret?)

I went in once, now I can’t go in again :frowning: what nonsense is this? this has never happened before

Failed to connect to the server.The connection with the organizer of the game is lost.

My friend has the same problem, if you find a solution, please write the result)

what country does your friend live in?

Connection TIMED OUT. Closing connection. Elapsed: 300.01, Real: 298.92, Good: 298.92, DriverTime: 300.01, Threshold: 300.00, [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:

if I turn on the VPN connection, then the game loads. this address does not write that it is blocked.

I can’t even log in to more than one game server private or official

1213 ofserver same- cant log in


It seems to me that there is a problem with Russia. Someone got smart or Roskomnadzor or Steam or a Developer. My brother lives through the entrance, his norms work for me only through a VPN. Maybe it’s still a matter of the router? I have mikrotik.

Мне кажется что с Россией проблема. Кто то намудрил или Роскомнадзор или Стим или Разработчик. У меня брат живет через подъезд у него норм работает у меня только через VPN. Может еще дело в роутере? у меня mikrotik.

Возможно дело в присвоении ip через роутер, через WiFi играешь?

Пробовал и через вайвай и по проводу и через мобильник, не работает. Очень странная ситуация.

я еще в Scum играю и на ней такая же ситуация, только через VPN. Короче, я не могу понять что делать :frowning: как вариант роутер сменить. больше нет вариантов у меня.

сделал. пока заработали :slight_smile: тупо в брандмауэре создать правило на открытие порта 28200 по UDP

Напрямую через шнур прицепись будет счастье)