DLC 2nd year not works for me

Hi all

I’ve bought the 2nd year DLC, but the items are still blocked for me in the game. I play in PS4.

 Where I can write to fix this??? I've been searching for a support link or something but I didn't found it. 

Thank you in advance.

Console? PC? Please dont post to many details, so that anyone could help you…

Sorry, post edited. PS4

You have to buy the DLC itself. Should be 0€.

If you dont find it in the store, just search “conan exiles”, click on ANY item you found and scroll to the bottom… You should see all the DLCs.

Click on the Riders DLC and say “buy it”.

But it has be 0€! Otherwise you will have to pay extra money.


Solved!!! Thank yooooouuuuu so much!!!


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