DLC not working


I bought conan and the add on for the yamatai from xbox game pass and i cant access my yamatai gear it wont let me unlock anything even if i have the prerequisites

@Gloatingtomb6, I believe you play Xbox, can you help here please?

Do you have a filter active on your Armor Bench/Smithy?


Have you tried checking your games and apps to determine if the DLC is indeed installed?
To access this, focus on a game in your games list and press the menu button on your controller, then select Manage game & addons.

Please let us know if the issue still persists after the suggested test.


Take a pic of work bench and access it then another pic if what @Mayra says doesn’t work also is there a thrall on there and which one remove him leave them access it to see if maybe the thrall could be the issue as I’ve seen that before in which case a name. Now if none of this works then go into single players and try to admin the piece in if it said not any permission which means the download did not take. Delete the dlc turn off then unplug Xbox from wall wait 5 minutes the plug back in then download the dlc. If this does not work let us know as there is a few things else that could be wrong but I need to narrow it down some to help identify the issues better

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hi im actually on pc just using the xbox game pass to play

Thanks for the additional information. Please try to reset the Xbox app then go to the individual page of the DLC to install it.

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