Conan exile Missing DLC content

Recently signed back in to Conan exile after 2 weeks of no play and now my yamatai dlc I had purchased is now gone. I even transferred servers to see if it would pop up. Nothing. I know your loot an what not goes away after not signing in for a week but why is my dlc gone? I paid money for you guys to take it away? I don’t understand…

If you own other DLC content, does it appear? I know this is basic stuff, but have you checked if you are not using a filter on the build menu (like “show nothing” instead of "show all). You wouldn’t imagine how many people think they have a bug when in fact inadvertently placing a filter is the real culprit. Yours truly was one of them. I went as far as reinstalling the whole game before I found out what was actually happening. If this isn’t your case, maybe you should contact support.

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