Purchased DLC not working

just purchased the Yamatai DLC and have been searching for a solution online and all over the forums, I have tried quite a few different options but it still will not activate in-game for me in single player or on the PvP server I play on which is #2653.
I don’t know what else to do.
help please :confused:

region: usa

edit: it’s like it won’t install. It says it installed right when I downloaded it, yet when I go to manage game add ins for Conan Exiles, under ‘ready to install’ there lies the dlc pack. I install it from there but every time I open the game it gets uninstalled. every time.

re-edit: fixed the issue. if anyone else has this issue do a hard reset on your xbox. this worked for me. thanks.

Hello @Kinjabang197, welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing that the hard reset worked out for you!

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