Do Bunnies Break the Server?

Game mode: [Online | Private Server]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]

[I haven’t found this on any of the forums. This may be weird but hear me out. Admin spawning a tamed wildlife rabbit. Place it ingame. Access its inventory. Server goes berserk. My character cannot log in now without the server crashing. Yes yes, I’ve placed a ticket to gportal, but, is this a thing? Did I crash the server?? Or is it just a coincidence the server crashed exactly at the same time I was trying to fulfill my dream of having a pet rabbit???]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Spawn a wildlife rabbit [tamed]
  2. Place it on the ground
  3. Try to access its inventory [it did nothing when i tried]
  4. Server gets mad.
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I have never heard of that happening. I have spawned in alot of different things on my server but never a rabbit. Have you tried a manual reset on your server and can anyone else login @Aurora ?

I just told my wife about your dilemma she is going into her offline game to see what happens. What was bunny listed as bunny?

Ok she just spawned in 3 went to set one down said thrall was a long grey hair guy on placing froze game. She was able to log back in. Guess some things were not meant to be. :camel:

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Single player? I’m wondering if that’s why she was able to get back in. I own a private server and everyone can get in but if I try it crashes… lol.
“I tried ta warn ya didnt I? Ah no it’s a harmless lil ol bunny!” - Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I haven’t heard word yet from GPortal

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I have done a manual restart, yes.

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I was afraid of that why I asked my wife to do it offline. Hope you clear this up let me know

@Hugo Any idea on fixing this issue?

So i got word back from gportal. It is a thing. They’ve spoken with funcom about it. I’m probably going to have to back my server up a day.

Dont spawn rabbits!!!

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Amen. I have never backed up my server guess I should check into it.

Many posts speaking of the evil rabbit that skoots along on his butt .must be true. Good luck.

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Yes. Yes they do. They are pure evil. This has been established on many threads already.

As to the bug you are reporting I have no idea but bunnies are just evil. Kill them. Kill them all.


I knew that they were Evil. Didn’t know they were server wrecker,s till today. GLAD I asked my wife to experiment on her offline game this morning!!! She would of thrown me to the Red Eyed rabbit.

We had to wipe the server. RIP

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Good to know since it seems to break solo too, I wonder if anyone will attempt to commit rabbit genocide because of this.


Sorry to hear that. But it is fun to start over. Would like to wipe mine but waiting for what the new map brings.

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Thank you. It actually was a very positive thing in my server. I have an RP server and everyone was pretty excited about new characters! We’re looking forward to the new map too. Until then, we’ve moved into a second era!

Still kill all the bunnies.

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Maybe a contest with a prize for verified HARE removal!! LOL.

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