Do Mods still work on the original Exiles Map?

Hi guys, Just a simple question, Do mods still work on the original exiles map? Some friends want to spice up our experiences with a mod on the original map and were wondering if this is still possible on our own dedicated server?

Some do some do not.

As a general rule, mods will need some sort of update to function post-patch. That goes for any patch, not just the Expansion. Just how much this involves varies heavily from mod to mod.

If it’s updated on sept. 15th or later, it should work.
Some of the older mods still work (fog reducer, deadly creatures pve) but most of them sadly don’t.
I’m rying to figure out this way what did the devs updated (according to other posts, 455x assets were modified).

The mods that are made compatible with the latest DevKit do work on both Siptah and EL. Hundreds of mods have been updated by now and work properly. Some are still undergoing some fine tuning. However, mods that are no longer maintained by their mod authors and have not received an update after 15.09.2020 may no longer work.

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