Do not punish who plays 3 years on the PC because of the limitation of consoles

If your intention was to “unite the game community” you got it, you are all coming together, but in a negative way as a form of total revolt and repudiation, so much so that you don’t even talk about mounts anymore … that is, they managed to take the focus off From something good for the game to focus on something that everyone claims will destroy every proposal powered by 2 years, I AGREE! I agree with all of them!

I don’t understand the company’s positioning, talking about “consoles” in a general way, the PC and Console servers are “separate”, no one can play on the same server on different platforms, so how to make “changes” on PC servers will To help the consoles, would it not be logical to limit the slaves logically to the console servers, since everyone who plays on consoles knows their limitation?

It’s just that I bought a very expensive video card now to pay for people who paid $ 400 on a consele, and we DO NOT PLAY ON THE SAME SERVER! and never would anyone playing on a console ever get close to my base, since they can’t get in a bunch of PCs.

I made a new forum, and I already participate in all others related to this, as I already exposed a lot of game in PVE and the slaves are very important for us, unfortunately more than for you of funcom that only sends agent kills them as if if they were NOTHING.

But surely I needed to raise this question, the feeling is that all of us who played on the PC for 3 years were mere “guinea pigs” for the game to prepare for consoles and now we are disposable!

Thanks for making the steam community mere sponsors for the game to be developed for PS4!

It is very “suffered” for me is harshly criticizing the team that I have praised so much in recent days.


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