Do you think most people really understand the rules?

Just took a little trip south of the spider caves, somewhere I usually do not go, and the spam is unbelievable. It looks like 3 different clans are spam warring t1 blocks everywhere. I know I have spoken with one of these people in chat and he seemed like a very likeable person to me, but he is one of the worst offenders.

I was worried about MY bases being reported as too large, but this was rediculous to the extreme.
The whole savanna area is covered in t1 blocks with pillars on them, the elephants and tigers/lions have mostly been despawned, and from the hand of the maker to the spider caves there is just t1 spam everywhere.

I just do not understand how people think this is okay to do this. Do they even read the rules? Do they comprehend the rules?

I could report this, but I am NOT the server police ( pay me to admin and I will do it ) , it does NOT affect me personally ( other than lag and FPS seems to have deteriorated recently ) , and my fear is that Funcom will come to our server and just blanket carpet bomb the server.

I just think Funcoms “you can build anywhere” message is being misunderstood.


Oh Jeez. :grimacing: That’s like one grid field.

I think the answer for both questions is :No :sweat_smile:
I think despite the age rating, a lot of people playing Conan Exiles are immature, if not legally, then in mind.

Maybe try to reach out to the likeable person and warn them, that someday someone might report them and tell them about the grim consequences.(livelong ban from official servers)
That’s what I would do, If it was a nice person doing the spam.



Just straight up say you’ll report them yourself for being such gluebags, seriously!

if they wanna be that sad in this game just drop the hammer on them, I’m not one for reporting but after the rules came out if people still wanna be this brain dead they don’t really deserve a chance to be honest.

I wouldnt even be sad to start seeing full perma bans for people that never let them return no matter what……I’d actually love this for repeat offender that JUST DONT GET IT

We should just get a big thread going of what servers massive spammers are on so everyone in the forums can pop in quick to that server, snap a screen shot and report them, start a massive wave of this so these folks finally have a little fear when building if we get enough people reporting the infractions


I find most people on any MMO i have ever played do not read the TOS. They just blindly click “I agree” and then set about doing whatever they want.


I think this could be broadened even further.

“I find most people do not read the TOS.”

Although I have read the forum rules and the game rules on the forum, but I pretty much don’t ever bother to read any in game TOS, I just check yes so I can get to the fun part


That’s because EULAs and ToSes generally tend to be pages and pages and pages of legalese gobbledygook that all pretty much say the same thing. You agree not to harass people. You agree not to hack the game or use cheating software. You agree not to use exploits. You agree not do anything illegal. You agree to possibly have your lips sewn onto the butt of another person and/or have another person’s lips sewn onto your butt. You agree not to make copies and sell the software. Yadda, yadda, yadda… :yawning_face:


first you don’t have to be worried. Funcom reacts on PVE Servers normally not really much on big bases. I tried it out with a spam base of a clan where really noone plays, just log in to reset timers. They spamed many foundation snakes for land claim. Norhing happened.There must be a really bad thing going on, I think some! guys must report and then maybe under certain circumstances they do someting. QAnyways the new rules are atm not valid afaik, as they atm discuss with wellknown players what to do.

People just don’t care or don’t know, even don’t read. So you can only hop around to find a server which isn’t built to death and has a decent folks community, which isn’t easy, but doable.

Well, if Funcom says: build anywhere people do it. Until now Funcom has no solution for the problem of nondestructible buildings in PVE and Foundationspammers. I guess theer will never be a good solution so it is up to you to find a proper server, either a playable official or a good private :flushed:.


I think that they should incorporate random server rules in the part of the loading screen you can not skip through. Some people. Might catch on.


I think that’s a really good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:
The loading screen tips need an overhaul anyways, as some are outdated.


I had a lot of trouble making my first report but since it was a personal attack in Pve I broke down. I arrived here, I was not even aware of this forum … Since then I discovered a lot of things, players, opinions that helped me. I have a pretty keen opinion on a lot of subject but I have evolved a little in terms of the report. On this forum, the mutual aid of the community is important, without it the game would not have its current evolution and from my point of view this is also the case in the game.
So, yes funcom via zendesk plays the community card, but do they have a choice? Sure, I won’t earn any money, but don’t we have something else to gain?



Judging from what can be seen on the forums, many don’t. Rules clearly state that the following is a no-no:

And yet, an astonishing number of people is incapable of understanding that this means “don’t build random spiderwebs of sandstone foundations around your base”.

I can totally understand PVP players who use fence foundation stacking because they were unaware that this is now a no-no. Funcom actually changed their stance on that, and the only trace of that fact can be found buried deep in a random discussion where people were defending stacking as a legit technique and backing those claims by quoting Funcom’s own words from another discussion.

But this? What you describe is nowhere close to that. It’s a textbook example of people not giving a rat’s ass about whether there are any rules and what they mean. Worse, it’s a textbook example of people not giving a rat’s ass for other people on the server.

It might not affect you personally, but what about someone who comes to the server, builds their little shack, starts leveling up and getting established, and heads over to the savanna to get some elephant hide? Sure, you can get it from the mammoths, but this kind of bullcrap is why I first do a naked run all over the server before I decide to settle down on it. It’s just not okay.

I don’t think it’s being “misunderstood”. Call me cranky, but I believe that this is a simple byproduct of people not caring for anyone but themselves.


Let me be specific on why I do not report them. They are like the raccoons that get into your garbage at night, you never see or hear them. Eventually they go dig thru someone else’s garbage cans.

In a month or two most will be gone and their spam will go with them.
They mostly never speak in global chat, and do not build north of the spider caves for some reason. I rarely go south of the caves.

Having been on this same server since it rolled out a week after CE went live, I have seen so many come and go, it just does not bother me, and I am sure FC has more important spam to delete elsewhere.

If they showed up at my doorstep and started spamming and/or cursing in chat, then yes, I would report them. They just leave me alone.


Agreed. Many interpret it as " You can build EVERYWHERE".


I actually had a very good conversation with one of the spammers on our server and he agreed to take some of his “paths” down. Our server has seen a jump in participation and 12 people were on as we talked. ( That is a lot for this server ) Most had some input into the conversation and it went very well.

Another reason to just not report everyone you think is a bad player.


Yeah, there’s a couple of long-lived pillar, path, and foundation spammers on my server too. I don’t report them. I figure they may not know the rules yet. I didn’t for the 1st 4 or 5 months. But then again it never dawned on me to use building materials in such ways. When I wanted to expand my base into an open city that covered an entire valley I thought I had better look into it and only then did the already common sense ethic present itself as a formulated rule.


Sure, it’s always better to solve things by talking, when you can.

When you can’t, though…

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In my case, I’ve never needed to solve anything… it’s just kind of ugly is all.

Lucky me I guess.

Whether its against the rules or not, whether the offenders know its against the rules or not… shouldn’t matter, they should simply be banned on that reason alone.