Dodging (rolling) Bug - uphill or downhill

I would like to make you aware of the bug while rolling up or down elevation, the roll will sporadically shoot your character in a random direction. I am hoping your soon to come hot fix will also address this.

Thank you

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Same problem here . On official pve server 1333

same here on server 1502.

hold s to move backwards to avoid a hit, it half rolls backwards then zaps you back to original spot so you end up right where you started and take the hit…hmmmm taste the steel

Any server I join does this. but my main server is #1529 official PvP.
as of 10:00am EST on 1/20/19, this problem still exists. Complete opposite direction rolling with teleportation.

Rolling in general is also sometimes teleporting me a small distance from my destination.

BTW: Grab some daggers and backflip until they fix it. I don’t have displacement issues when backflpping. this atleast makes the game playable.


Hey @Valskyrie

Thanks for letting us know, we’re sending your feedback to our team :slight_smile:

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