Keeps skipping. Any idea for a fix?

Need some help with some wierd skipping that suddenly started to happen today.

My character runs 2 steps forward and keeps skipping back to the same position. I need to roll for it to move.

Everyone else on the server can play just fine. My friend can also play just fine in the same house.
The game works fine offline and on other servers. Been playing on this PVE server for 2 days and it was perfect until today.

My friend said when i run, my character doesnt move at all. And you can see that my stamina doesnt go down. It just goes down when i roll.

Tried to verify game files, reinstall and everything.

Any ideas what this issue might be?

that happens to me when i use any animation like sit, for fix it use any other animation and cancel it attacking atleast that work for me.

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