Animation Skipping

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I tried to reach out, but no one acknowledged the issue here:

The most notable animation hitching I’ve seen is when a thrall is tending to the Fermentation Barrel. About once a second, they jerk back to the start of the animation.

Watch the player animation hitch while the animal animation in the background walks on by smoothly.

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Any DEVS aware of the issue? Will this be ignored forever or fixed?

I always play as a male so this is interesting. The character blink frames are missing from your animation. Where your animation is failing, mine is fine, and my character blinks his eyes.

Hey there,

Sorry for the late response, most of our team has been out for vacations during this last month.
We’ll send this to our team so they can give it a look.

Rats, now that I read this I see it on almost every crafting thrall just because I’m looking for it. It’s sort of like the original looped animation was clipped at some point, and could be the result of a very early code optimization.

(must train myself to ignore)

I fear this animation would take a back seat to problems that keep people from actually playing the game, fixing exploits or experiencing extremely frustrating stutter and lag.

Here’s hoping !




The animation doesn’t blink when holding a weapon, true, but if I put the weapon away the animation does indeed blink. I also tried this with a male character and it is the same result. This animation hitching occurs on a lot of other different things too, such as the thrall trainer, etc…

I am unable to actually play the game with so much hitching in the animation and stutter in general movement throughout the world. My time with the game – 20 hours in game + many hours researching the issue on google – so far has been trying to find a solution. Honestly, it’s been nothing but a troubleshooting simulator more than anything else.

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Appreciate that Ignasis,

Any idea when they’ll be back from vacation?

Most of us are already back and in full swing.
Regarding this report, QA could confirm the issue and it has been sent to our team for fixing as a minor bug. We don’t have any ETA yet, though.

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