Character slides instead of full stop

Hi there

When i do a full stop ingame my character doesn allways stop, it keeps sliding slowly futher. Especially if i try make a single step only, in order to position funichers better.

Could somebody tell me if there’s any issue that might create this problem ? Since i clearly dont have this problem in single player as i show below.

I recorded some video of it and uploaded it to Youtube. If you dont wanna sit and wait for me loading into single player start video at 1min 15sec. After i showen that i dont slide in single player i quit and load into my server quick to show the sliding problem.

It is really anoying when you try position funichers and workstations, since the sliding moves the angle of how you are trying to place it.

It happens allways when iam on sandstone, but also just when i run around harvest resources, or go inside tempels (which is stone aswell) But i done all those things on other servers without any problem.

This is a server i rent, and i talked with em and they are saying there server runs with nothing wrong (dont they allways haha). And that i should try this forum instead.

Thanks for your time

I see this happen too, but only in dungeons.

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