Conan Exiles PS4 Character Model Off Center

Single player offline
I dont know if this has been reported but has anybody noticed how after a short period of gameplay the character model slowly slides off center axis? It can be seen when you rotate your characters standing position without moving the camera. It can also be seen when you go to sit in a chair and the character model will not be centered on the object.
I can not figure out if there are any single actions that cause this, however, from what I can tell, all that is needed to recreate this occurrence is to just play and perform general actions like running, climbing, dodging, and basic combat. I have noticed that being knocked down is not required to produce this. Character model resets to proper position upon reloading server.

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Hey @Motorhead44

Thanks for sharing your findings with us. Does going into first person view (D-Pad up) reset this offset?

Yes! Actually it did return it to proper position without reloading the server. Still cant seem to find any particular action that causes this however. Thanks for the suggestion, it will make for a much easier fix for now.

After a few more hours of gameplay I noticed that switching to first person does reduce the offset, but sometimes not completely. In fact, sometimes it changes the direction of the offset entirely, instead if returning it to center orientation.

@Ignasi, I had the same issue yesterday in official PVE-C 3827 PS4.

It did not resolve with first person view however it did resolve when I used my map room.

Climbing was near impossible as the point of view was from inside whatever I was climbing. This occurred in Sepamaru for me.

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I wonder if this could be causing some of the physics bugs that pertain to the character model, like the clothing/breast/hair movement that some players have said decreases over time. Think about it, if some of those physics qualities depend on a center point of movement or rotation, and then for whatever reason the model migrates from that center point, I would think those physics lose their reference point as well, which might explain why they stop altogether. Makes sense to me, but just a thought.

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Thanks for the confirmation @Phloid

We’ve sent this info to QA and see if they can reproduce it on their end.

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