Does Conan Exiles run well on the xbox one S

I am looking at getting the game but the Xbox one S has some hardware limitations.

From one Dragon to another :slight_smile: it runs great on the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and my wife plays on our Xbox server using the original Xbox One, (I wanted to get her an S or X too but she declined :expressionless: )so all the versions run well. The S and X play on different 4k tv’s and the original Xbox One plays on an older 1080p plasma and looks great!

Have fun if you get it. I personally have been playing on different servers since beta on the Xbox systems then after release on PS4 and now PC servers too. Its a great game if you enjoy building and exploring.


XBox 1S here and it’s great. i’m an offline player and there are some bugs here and there but nothing this big can be perfect. i’ve been playing the same game since June and there is so much of the map i’ve yet to see.

my only criticism is you can’t really have a quick 20 min game and if i don’t have a 2 hour window i usually don’t boot it up.

An external SSD also helps with load times if you’re playing online multiplayer.

I’ll agree with that. It made a huge difference when I got mine.

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