Xbox One S Unplayable

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Hi, Recently started playing the game on Xbox one s official server 2007 and it’s unplayable due to a number of major issues.
Most Enemy npc invisible/only name shows
Npc what do show have invisible weapons
Trees/rocks go invisible after 1-2 hits, they are still there just can’t see/harvest them. They some times reappear after waiting a few mins
After killing a npc the body instantly disappears but then 30 seconds or so later a death sound will play and a body will fall on the floor
Terrain looks missing/quite bad, same with some animal models
Opening crafting menus can cause the game to freeze for a bit, also takes a bit of time for the icons to load to craft things as they are blank at first
Some even really small Bases don’t fully render in, today this prevented me from entering my own base as the door was invisible so I couldn’t open it
Over all really laggy experience
Game crashes to dashboard some what frequently
Very long load times into server

Internet connection is wired and good, 240mb download 20+upload
Have done a fresh install of the game a few times
Have cleared the Xbox cache a few times
Neither helped the problem
Went into single player briefly and npc seemed to render a little better but more testing would be needed to be sure and to check the other issues

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hello @Overseer_Craig, welcome to the community!

We’d really appreciate if you could provide further details, as suggested below, so that we can relay this information to our team.

Could you ensure that your console is on a wired connection rather than wireless?

Does loading into a singleplayer session before joining an online server mitigate the reported issues, and do you have similar issues in other servers?

Would it be possible to share a video that showcases at least some of the reported issues?

Is you console stable playing other demanding games and does it exhibit any signs ov overheating while playing Conan Exiles?

Hi Hugo thanks for the response
Console is definitely on a hardwire with a fast connection,
Going into single player doesn’t seem to make a difference but I will do some testing later
I haven’t checked other official servers yet as I didn’t want to lose the few day work I have done, but I will do some testing later. it might be worth noting when I first started the game wasn’t to bad but got progressively worse after a few days
Xbox works fine great with all other games and no signs of over hearing during game play, Xbox remains cool and quiet
I will definitely be able to grab some videos of all of the issues later today and share them

As a random side question do you know if the royal armour and sword will be made available as separate dlc at any point? I was a member of early access and then bought a physical copy for the sword to. Due to the Xbox version being in a worse state then it was in early access, I have bought the game again on PS4 pro and would love to get access to those bonus again. PS4 pro version seems to be working great and the game is amazing!

Went into single player again and left the game run for 10 minutes and then tried official servers
Mixed results but mostly no fixes
Trees/rocks did not vanish and where harvestable, tested for around 10mins
Some Crafting menus loading a little faster but still delayed
Buildings initially rendered okay but this stopped after a while
Could see most thralls initially (no weapons still) but this did not last

Things it did not fix at all
Thralls not showing weapons
Invisible thralls
Invisible thralls but weapon showing
Animals not rendering correctly
Bad terrain

Interesting note
Animals seemed to mostly be visible or render in fairly quick if invisible but most have not rendered the model correct and look really bad, some render in fine though. The invisible issue is mostly human npc

After a while of playing and dying a few times the game then started to lag and freeze for a while, this resulted in most of the temporary fixed issues been broken again as described in my initial post

I went on to a different official server and played around for a while
Buildings seemed to render in much better, even large structures although tuck a few mins to load (to be expected from large structures though)
human npc seem to initially be visible but invisible weapons still, after a while though they where back invisible
Animal models seem to load a little better although still issues
Trees and rocks where okay
Terrrain looked slightly improved
Lag was still present and crafting menu issues

I made small videos on the Xbox (both servers)
Wolf models not loading correctly
Invisible human weapons (enemy npc or thrall)
Invisible humans or just name showing (tamed or enemy thrall)
Invisible enemy thrall but weapon showing (fives the illusion ghosts are attacking as can just see swords chasing me around lol)
When the other mentioned issues arise again I will grab more videos
What will be the best way to get the videos from the Xbox to you?
Is there any other specific videos or things you would like me to test, I’m more then happy to help

Thank you for taking the time to do some additional testing and sharing your findings with us!

Unfortunately, there are no plans for selling these as separate DLCs at this time.

We really do appreciate your support, running the game on the high-end version of either console can drastically improve its performance, especially if it’s installed to an SSD.

You may upload them to a file sharing service of your choice, such as dropbox or google drive, or alternatively upload them to youtube as unlisted videos and share the link with us, either in this post or privately through DM.

sent you a dm providing a link to some videos of the issues

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