Does strenght actually worth something?

I was doing some mining around and found those rock like things so i got my stone pike and killed them with about four blows. Then some time later i leveled up to level 30 and killed them again with the same pike but, at this time i had spent about 30 atribute points in strenght so i was about 15 points strongher and regardless, i killed them with the same four blows as if i had the same strenght as before;
So my question is, does strenght actually does any change in my build? I have a theory that wath matters is the weapon you’re using and not the ammount of strenght that counts. What aboit you guys? Do you feel the same? Do you can actually feel your strenght growth? Shoudn’t it increase the basic weapon damage? I think so.

Uhm, weapons made from stone have a really low damage. Try using higher tiered weapons as soon as they are available.

Strenght does account to melee damage!
Each point spend rises damage dealt by 2%, so you got +60% damage on your melee damage.
Plus the first three perks.
The second perk grants you +25% as long as you hit some enemy whom you applied some bad effect to. (i.e. if the enemy bleeds and you’re hitting him)
The third one grants you +10% damage on light attacks. (left mouse)

But as you are running around with a stone pike, of course you wouldnt experience a good change in damage.
Basically what happens is that your pike deals ~22 instead of the 14 damage it comes with.
Try looking at your damage again when you got some 30+ damage weapon. Then you are more likely to see the difference.
Are you 100% sure you didnt need one hit less though?

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Thanks for your reply.
Well, what i mean exactly is that: since you spent points in strenght it should improve your damage dealt whatever the weapon you’re using; that would be realistic because that’s what happens ir RL. A child blowing with a sword would deal less damage than an adult doing same, as example, because one is obviously strongher than the other.
That means one that spent points in strenght should hit harder than anyone who doesn’t did it so actually any weapon should have their damage increased based on your level of strength as it is in many games; The way it is for now, no matter if you have 10 or 50 points in strength: your damage dealt will be the same and you’ll have it increased only by the kind of weapon you’re using. The only difference will be the perks.
Yes, i am pretty sure it was the same amout of hits: 4

I have actually played for quite some time now and have tested many weapons in the game: spears deal less damage but get enemies staggered, great swords are the best for damage and are relactively fast but leaves you open for countter attacks, axes deal decent damage and are really fast, plus they’re more accurate than one hand swords and you can use a torch whyle wearing them. Long swords have a good damage but you may miss some hits due to its movement animations wich are poor comparing to axes.
I like to use all available weapons and change combat style from time to time but i will always preffer greatswords. The better one is the one you’ll learn at level 56: Telith’s Sorrow if i am not misplacing the name; you can improve its damage up to 72 and kill almost anything easily.

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