Don't turn flashlights on after battle

I posted this as a bug earlier but now realize that it is a design issue. After battle any of the characters that were revealed will not be in sneak and have their flashlights on. So in scenarios where you have silently taken out an enemy that was just out of range from the other enemies, when you tab to switch characters they will have their light on and sometimes initiate combat with the rest of the enemies before you can get into position.

Resolution: After combat all characters should be in sneak mode by default even if they were revealed during the fight.

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Agreed. This is quite annoying.

Yes, noticed the same behaviour and it is annoying.

This was an issue from its head start.
We had two updates so far, and did they not aware of this? Did they test their own game?

Time is limited. They triage things and tend to work on the ones that most affect the game and don’t have easy workarounds. This is how it works with every piece of software, as any complex application will never be bug or annoyance free.

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Huh. As if ‘The game has a feature which sucks’ IS NOT their top priority to concern about.

I noticed this too ;and sometimes it will recall (unhide) characters.

Also, a related issue, if you change your squad lineup, newcomers will have flashlights on even if they were off before.

Yeah. They tend to put that below “This game is crashing on a bunch of people’s machines.” Hence the patch that’s rolling out today.