Sneaking mode after combat

Is there a way to remain in sneaking mode after combat or after map transitions? I wish I didn’t have to quickly turn off my flashlight everytime I stealth kill an enemy or enter a different map with enemies right at the entrance.


I have run into this issue as well. This seems like a bug to me as the behaviour is not consistent. Here are some of the situations that arise after a stealth kill.

  • Some or all characters not in stealth after a stealth kill
  • Some of all characters not remaining hidden to a cover after a stealth kill

The first one definitely seems like a bug to me. The second may be a design choice, but, if it is, not one I agree with at all.

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Yep. It sucks. They should make it so that the stalkers will remain hidden in cover after combat and you have to manually call out each of them.

Or perhaps making it as optional is a good choice.

+1 very annoying

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: I will relay this to the dev team.

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After a successful stealth kill stalkers BREAK COVER and TURN ON FLASHLIGHTS, even when enemies are at close range.

And when you swap a new squad member in (as reported in other threads on this issue).