Dux and Borman gettign stuck in Hide mode

Getting them hidden while stalking the areas so I can ambush the enemy. Once the ambush is completed, they are stuck in a hide mode. Second time I was hiding them and was unable to get them out of the Hide mode.

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I also have this problem, mostly with Bormin, hope this is fixed soon.

Also hope they let you skip the logo screens.

Is this on specific map or does it seem to happen randomly? What if you save and reload, or try to teleport out of the map?

Happens randomly. looks like the are in the mode during a combat ambush where you are skipping their turn. Going to a different area on the map does clear the condition. However, i have had that happen upon returning to the previous location again.

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Hi, this happens to me as well, what i do is hide every one not stuck and the unhide them one by one, it takes a lot, but it can be made.

It sounds like maybe today’s patch fixes that.