Stuck on Scenery and Issues With Hiding - PS4

Sometimes PCs get stuck on scenery after being placed in “Hide Mode.” I’ve shared a video to Twitter to highlight an instance of this. This can mean that they can’t be controlled unless you go into the main menu. Or moving a controlled PC away and “Re-Grouping” if they’re out of “Hide.”

Also the spot that they actually end up standing in can be glitched by a square or so. Again photo shared to Twitter.

Not game breaking but worrying and an issue on Ironman.

Dux unresponsive to command after hiding.

Dux a square in front of where he should be hidden.

This is a link to my video of Selma getting “stuck on scenery:”

Here’s a magnified and ringed pic of the stuck Dux.

Happens also on PC.

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