My char is stuck in invisible barriers server #4515

Game version:
Type of issue: Bug

Bug Description:

I Cannot move my char, he is stuck somewhere in the D-8. server #4515
He can’t jump, crawl or do any movements



Steps to Reproduce:


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While the team answers your request, where are you? Close to any camp? Middle of nowhere?
The other day I was stuck and pinned down while fighting, and then I realized there are invisible tents in Sepermeru, and I was trapped inside of one of them.
They have been invisible ever since 3.0.
Another question, did you build the Circle of Power and can cast Summon Corpse already? Because you may have to take your bracelet off and then summon your corpse.

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quickly quickly you have 30 minutes to recover your body!!

Edit: it’s too late . We have lost 1 more player

I hope you don’t take off the bracelet or die of starvation

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please share a picture of where the character got stuck?

Also, if possible, please take a picture of the map showing the location and share it with us as well.

We await your reply.

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