Invisible Rock or something blocking door

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Misc, not sure
Server type: PVE
Region: US - Private Server

Invisible rock or something

Recently right at my front door of our base is what seems to be an invisible rock or something. My character can walk up it from one side and is about 4 feet in the air. My friend has the same issue when he tries. This showed up in the last few weeks. If you run fast you can hop over it but I cannot see it.
Any and all help is welcome please. I am the Admin on my server. Is there a command to see things that you cannot otherwise while playing? This is about 2 sandstone blocks wide. I have removed the floor and rebooted. Same.
I went into god mode and looked underground. Nothing.

Any chance that invisible object exists in your single player game?

It is possible it is one of the 100 HP performer ghosts. I had a couple of them stuck in my single player game, after they did the relic hunter fix. I could shoot it with arrows and they would stick in that spot, just like any other thrall.

Also, if it is one of those ghosts, you can probably lure an angry critter to it and use it as a meat shield between you and the critter and maybe it will take it out for you.

We had a similar issue on a bridge. A purge hyena died (?) on the bridge and was (finally) found hanging underneath. It created exactly the same symptoms you describe, an invisible bump in the bridge road.

Since it was a bridge we could see the body from underneath. I still do not know if the critter was dead or alive, since it did not disappear, even on server restart. Either way, it was stuck.

This is in support of Sirvink’s suggestion. I do not recall what we did about it, but can ask my private online server admin when I get the next chance.

Please let us know the results !



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