Character Pushed off Map Edge

I’ve hit an issue and unfortunately I’m playing with Iron Mutant mode so can’t just load back to fix it. I’ve just started fighting my first tank and it pushed one of my squad members such that he’s now one ‘square’ out of the map’s boundary and I can’t revive him. As my difficulty is set to Very Hard also, I’m now stuck in a position where I can do nothing to prevent Bormin’s illegitimate death.

Ugh, that’s rough. So did you try to use a medkit on him and it just refused? I ask purely because you just have to be adjacent to them to use it. I take it that it refuses to recognize he’s in the battle at all anymore. But it keeps advancing his bleeding out counter?

Hi jep! When attempting to revive him the game doesn’t recognise his presence, even with Dux stood on the adjacent square i.e. at the very edge of the map. Bormin’s bleed out timer continues to count down as normal.