Double Altar glitch / Altar is not consumed by "True Name of ... "


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I created one True Name of Jhebbal Sag and some minutes later one True Name of Set. I left the place and approached the target location, and summoned. As I expected, the signs on the map where the avatars have been before were gone after the process. So I replaced the altars, levelled them up to T3 again. When I passed the next time, it looked glitchy:

In fact, there are two functional altars at the same spot now. Each one has its own inventory, accessible if you move a little, like the well of skelos.

I crafted another god token (“True name of Jhebbal Sag”) at another location. After summoning, I realized that the sign of this temple on the map was still there. I found out, the T3 jhebbal temple did not disappear and it is still where it was before the crafting, but empty.

I did not try out what happens if you use the double altars for crafting god tokens, but if the crafting of a True Name token will be successful as well as if not, both outcomes are a severe problem for the balancing of pvp.

post about altar not consumed on PVE-C

Summoning a God , and still have the altar

  1. Craft "true name of … " at T3 altar
  2. Go somewhere to summon the avatar
  3. Come back and find the altar itself is not consumed (but empty)
  4. Or: Come back and find the altar seems to be gone, but if you place a new one, you have 2 in 1

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