Double bear shaman PVE challenges

Been working on this on and off for a while, had published that one before but it was fairly easy anyway, more of a warmup kind of thing:

Now we are working on much harder fights. There is at least 1 more we have in mind that is 100% doable with 2 bears.

Our rules include: no kiting (besides mechanics that force us to move like the hammer throw above), no astrolabe, or gold pots or shop pots, and if any of us dies we reset the whole fight - so rez pots are also not allowed.

We also have a very unique DT+BS project in the works. And I hope to remake the above video with sleeker play, as many mistakes were made and it could die a lot faster

Yi-T’ian down as well now


Awesome job, keep it up fun to watch

Another one down, featuring more trees and bears.

Incredibly fun and we both made some hilarious mistakes too.

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