Double Bed - 2 People

Just self explanatory, I made a double bed so me and my wife could save some space (though it takes plenty already) and both have the same spawn point. Yet, it’s only meant for one person. Would be great if two people can be bound to the bed.


Needs to happen, would be funny if the whole clan could share the same bed. Make it a Clan bed with its own spawn teleport. This would fit in with Conan’s world of taboo. And can we also get a hammock so we can lay in a tree instead of on the ground when you are starting out?

On an added note when we log in can we get some protection, until we actually see our character, from mobs killing us while the screen loads and if it’s not too much actually wake up from the bed we have been sleeping in supposedly. When we log off how about put us in the bed instead of on the ground near it. Wishful thinking I know!

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