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So I purchased one of the packs then went to the PlayStation store to download the pack and it said no content found PlayStation 4:grinning:

Well you go click on campfire inventory then click on empty slot then L1 use right analog stick to feral meat then click x, or if it in inventory you just click on feral meat with x then just go to campfire choose empty slot then click X.

It certainly is Brenda. Imps, as with many other creatures such as crocodiles, drop feral flesh. Simply place the cursor on it then press R2 to put it in the campfire, then the same with a combustible material, for example wood, branches, coal (or if your desperate plant fibre). Or, press X on the feral flesh, move the cursor to the campfire menu, then press X again on an empty space. Once both relevant items have been placed, simply press L2 to start/stop the cooking process. Enjoy.

Oh and if you think this seemed odd, wait untill you happen upon more dubious recipes such as demons blood sausage or mystery meat soup. Mmmm…good eatin’.

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Hi Brenda. It looks like this post is a bit wild, a fusion of old and new. If you can, try to start a ‘new topic’ for new issues. Anyway, onto the matter at hand. Im probably not the best forum user to help with technical issues. Gameplay Im ok, but not so much the technical. But ok lets see what we can do…

Hmmm :thinking: Im not entirely sure what you are trying to tell me here. If you can tell me what DLC pack you brought, that would also help. Ok…from the main menu/dashboard on your ps4, select the ‘Playstation store’ on the far left. Then go up to the top and press on the ‘Search’ option. Start typing ‘Conan Exiles’ then press on the pack you brought when it appears on the right hand side. If it was purchased and downloaded correctly, it SHOULD only have a ‘thumbs up’ and ‘rate’ option available within. If there is still a pricetag showing, it probably hasnt gone through. I would either try again, or get in touch with Playstation technical support.

If you have indeed already purchased it from the PS store, it should be in the game, but may simply not be obvious right off the bat. Any additions you buy wont be in your item menu/inventory automatically. You still have to build them. For example, if you brought the Khitan pack. Weapons would still have to be built in the Blacksmiths Bench, Decorations in the Khitan Artisan table, Building pieces handcrafted menu, and so forth.

I hope this has helped. If not, tell me whatever details you can and I will have another shot at it.

This message is for whoever commented on my post about the downloadable content. I purchased the seekers of the dawn pack. I went to the PlayStation store and didn’t see the option to download it. And through the game it said go to PlayStation store and now it’s still saying no content was found

That was me Brenda (Croms_Faithful). Could that be because it has already downloaded…!? Genuine question, no cheek intended. This is tricky for me, as not only can I not see, but it is the one pack I havent brought thus far. And again Im not the most technology savvy user on the forum. Check in your ‘Feats’ menu, and scroll down the foundations to the Yamatai Foundation block. It should not have a green arrow on it if its installed? If this still doesnt help, you may have to either call Playstation technical support, or reach out to a member of Funcom on the forums. Sorry, I did my best.

Thank you. I’ll have to check it out!!

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