Dr. Bannerman refuses to speak about the Lady Margaret

Decided to create my third character and started the first story line, Dawning of an Endless Night. Heavily out-leveled the area while enjoying the Anniversary event. Right now I am stuck on Tier 4 (Ask Dr Bannerman about the Lady Margaret), where you have to go and speak to Dr Bannerman and receive a clue about the Lady Margaret.

The dialog box appears when I go to the good doctor. When I click on it, it greys out but Dr Bannerman does not speak. It remains grey until I zone out and zone back in. I have tried logging, running another nearby NE story mission I had not run, waiting days and trying again, and just waiting around. It never advances and the dialog box remains grey.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been affected by this issue.

It sounds like you’ve already tried our normal workarounds for this - If you haven’t already, please submit a petition in-game (from “Help” in the in-game menu or by using “/petition” in your chat window). A Game Master can then help you proceed with your story mission.

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So I popped in yesterday and hit the good doctor again so I could file my in-game help petition. And it actually worked this time.

Thank you for the quick response, so glad to finally have the story advance so I could start investigation missions.

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Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear it all worked out.

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