Dragonbone Katana Tripe-Weapon Display Rack wrong placement direction

Offi PVE

Got the Dragonbone Katana from bazaar, and placed it in the triple weapon display rack to decorate my wall, coz it looks so cool.

But it’s facing with its eyes on the ground.


  1. Craft Dragonbone Katana
  2. Place it in a triple weapon rack on wall
  3. take a look at the dragons face and get neck pain

There are several weapons that got messed up on the display racks. Someone with a lot of time on their hands should go through them and test them all to compile a list.

Others that I am aware of are steel truncheon (and every other truncheon that uses the same model), and Conan’s Atlantean Sword (only after a server reset, when first placed, it is correct).

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