Draw distance after xbox parity patch

My Gamertag: II BoroBear II
My console: XBOX ONE X

After xbox parity patch, the DRAW DISTANCE is much much smaller than before. Currently the DRAW DISTANCE is the same like in xbox one version.
Me and my girlfriend love this game so much. We play coop online mode and we built huuuuuge birdge from THE CURSED WAY to RUINS OF AL MERAYAH.
Before xbox parity patch I could saw whole bridge from our house in THE CURSED WAY. Now I can see just a few meters in front of me.
What happend? Will it be fixed?
Does anyone have similar problem?
I tried to upload photos before and after xbox parity patch, but I’m “new user” :confused:
Can’t even paste link… :thinking:

Before xbox parity patch:
h ttps://megaupload.nz/8bZ088habc/before_xbox_parity_patch_png
After xbox parity patch
h ttps://megaupload.nz/75Z587h9b1/after_xbox_parity_patch_png

Please respond
ps. Sorry for my english.

Best regards

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