More bugs after parity patch

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***i was having trouble building structures before but now its rediculous, it wants me to put apillar in almost every sqaure to put a cieling piece and even tho they are side by side attatching stairs in a pair thhe set uneven put it back please this patch screwed my fortress up

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Use a repair hammer and take a look at the stability provided each block. 20 is the lowest before it won’t support anything else. Always build from most supported to least to allow proper snapping. Happy building.

Support beams after the patch broke for me completely, i could have support beam forest of all kinds and it would not give any stability at all.

Use diagonal supports make sure the space is between the ceiling tile and support not the foundation and support. Placing a foundation above the support/ceiling allowed you to do it as many times as you want.

It doesn’t work on triangle foundations though.

Archer thralls won’t use their bows


Archer thralls work fine for me I’m on Xbox one x

It seems anything placed on triangle foundations will disappear now