Building restrictions... ceilings, intersections

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

before patch and after patch, i was waiting if funcom fix it or no. before 2 patchs worked fine.

All of this T1 T2 T3 and all DLCs:

If you place a foundation you can place ceilings/hatches over it at 4 four sides. OK
1.- now you place foundation and 4 fences/crenewalls and try to place a ceiling/hatch… KO KO KO KO
2.- Now place a foundation, place 4 stairs and try to place ceiling/hatch… KO KO KO
3.- Now place a foundation, place 4 sloped roof and try to place ceiling/hatch… KO KO KO
4.- Now place a foundation, place 4 sloped corner roof and try to place ceiling… KO KO KO (now dont remember if the problem is with corner sloped roof or inverted sloped roof

If you place a foundation with 4 fences, you can place interserction top roof in the middle
5.- Now place a foundation, place a intersertion top roof and try to put fences/crenes… KO KO KO

All of this its a little problem for build… ok you need to know correct order… but if you try to repair or rebuild a strong defense, you need destroy a lot of fences, intersection, ramps, stair for start to replace old built.

A lot of good detail there, but just checking - does ‘KO’ mean it works? (sorry, but I am not familiar with it)

Is the issue that before Tuesday’s patch that you could build and repair a whole lot of build types (like you have listed above), and you cannot now?

Or do you mean that you can build like you talk about above, but if there is damage, you cannot repair all the items at the same time and have to dismantle each before being able to repair?

Or do you mean that you have to delete a lot of pieces surrounding a foundation pieces to upgrade it to another tier of build piece and cannot just hover over a piece and replace it by clicking?

Example: You have all the pieces above in Stonebrick and you want to replace them all with Turan or Black Ice and you used to be able to choose Black Ice Fence and hover over the Stonebrick fence and click and it automatically destroys and replaces the build piece? And then do it to each of the other built pieces?

OK --> good
KO -> failed, “invalid building placement”

Always yo ucan repair, but if your ceil in the middle of the fences is borken, you cant place again, you need break fences, slope roof, intersections. before to rebuild

Okay cool and thanks for the clarification.

I did spot reference to stuff dealing with glitch-building and stuff like that in Tuesday’s Patch so am guessing this is from that and that’s for FunCom (@Ignasi ) to reply on :slight_smile:

Hey @Fastorro and @Grymm

We added a few extra exploit fixes regarding buildings in the latest patch. If this is related to those fixes or not, we cannot confirm at this moment. We’ll poke our team about it so they can look into it.


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