Building - Cannot Place While Overlapping Another Object

Game mode: Online official |
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Select one: Steam

Bug Description:

I have played Conan Exiles since 2018 and never encountered an issue with building until now. I took a break for about a year and started playing again a few weeks ago. I just started to build again and noticed issues with placing something as simple as a foundation underneath another foundation. Foundations used to snap in place with no issues. I am receiving “Cannot place while overlapping another object”, yet there is no object blocking the placement. I attached a snapshot of where I am trying to place my foundation, directly underneath any of the ones in the picture as an example.

I noticed a similar issue on another official PVE server the other day, just placing foundations in a straight row on the ground to build a foundation wall. I got to a point where a foundation would not snap to the previous. It would place right in front of the previous foundation, but not attached.

Some other players on the server mentioned difficulty in placing building pieces similar.

Not sure what changed in the building dynamics. Read some posts that something may have changed after the Grave Matter update, not sure.

Just throwing it out to see if others are experiencing similar issues.

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  1. Reproduced by trying to add a foundation directly underneath one already attached. It will not attach and I receive the message, “Cannot place while overlapping another object” yet there is no other object in the way.

Nothing has changed. Not a bug

Yes alot has changed its because of the or since the anti undermesh update.

Nothing to do with foundatiom stacking from the top down…

Yes - we ALL have… well except for Multigun maybe. :wink: The latching mechanism is often very finicky. It was back before your year long break too, you’re probably just forgetting. But it has indeed gotten worse since they modified things in order to prevent fence foundation stacking.

The current system will display false information like your “Overlapping” example, very often - and/or sometimes just display white ghosted parts (meaning impossible to place). There are several things I do in order to work within this yes, actually BUGGED, system.

  • Just standing in place and skating the mouse across the desk surface and then trying again works 60% of the time.
  • Approaching the placement from a different angle is often needed.
  • Removing the last placed part and placing it again before proceeding can help.
  • Some placements like some roof parts can ONLY be placed by flying or building scaffolding around your structure when they refuse to latch or rotate into the proper slot.
  • Removing all placeables (wall torches, paintings, etc.) from the structure you’re working on is sometimes needed - but often you can get away with just removing the ones vertically in line with the part you’re trying to place (no matter how far up or down it is from your work area).
  • Running out of render distance from the structure you’re working on, waiting 5min. and then running back can help in a lot of situations. It seems to recalculate the structure when this is done.
  • Placing another part in a completely unrelated area and then placing the one you’re going for can sometimes help - just remove the unrelated one after.
  • A few times I have had to log out, wait a bit, log in (standing in the right place), and then place the part hurriedly with no delay before the server has a chance to lie to me and tell me I can’t do it.
  • Reordering the placement sequence is occasionally necessary. So like, if you went: Foundation Block → Gate Frame → Gate Door → Stairs, and the stairs refuse to place you might need to go: Foundation Block → Stairs → Gate Frame → Gate Door, instead.
  • etc. etc. etc.

Yes, anyone except Multigun apparently, who has much experience with the building system is aware of the MANY actual bugs and multitude of inconsistencies in the current system. Luckily most of them have workarounds - which might be the reason they have remained unaddressed for so very very long…


The OP was talking about Foundation Stacking from the top down, unless I’m misunderstanding. All your “workarounds” are known, but little to do with top to bottom Foundation Stacking (you even mentioned Fence Foundations which have NOTHING to do with freaken square foundations).

So done with this “community.”


Careful what you wish for.

I prefer the flexibility of the ‘bugged’ building system we have (warts and all) to one that would be fully functional and thus much more rigid/restrictive in it’s use.

OP: maybe you lucked out thus far, but i’ve had issues with this since EA; stacking bottom → top has always been easier than the other way around.

You are.

Wrong again - on all counts! Not only were they unknown to the op but in the servers I discord with I’m always surprised when I say these things and half the people on speaker exclaim surprrise.

Fence foundations do indeed latch to “freaken square foundations” and the changes made in order to defeat fence foundation stacking has affected fence foundations, fences, cube foundations, walls, wall frames, door frames, and wedge foundations - probably ceiling tiles too - untested.

Yeah, maybe it’s time to pack it in brother. You’ll be missed tho… Oh well, sometimes you just have to call it.

Uhh, no! They can fix it without making it more rigid. They don’t need to change much other than latch detection. Also their preliminary integrity detection is quite poor. Nothing else needs to change - just some common debugging is all that’s required.