Building is overlapping with invisible objects?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Hey !
Been enjoying Conan Exiles for a while and bought it on launch - I was just wondering if anyone had come across the “building is overlapping invisible object” issue that is currently driving me mad.
I’m unable to post an image of the building as I’m a new user.
I’ve built a hexagon with stone wedges (as a ceiling) and for some reason the last stone wedge seems to be overlapping with an invisible object? I’ve made sure that the ceiling is the same all the other 5 and yet it doesn’t work.
Pretty annoying not being able to close your roof in a PvP server ^^"

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i get the same issue. it is like an invisible obstruction is in the way. maybe something from developer mode? i am working on building a fort on an island. i’m close to done but there are a few places that your units just wont snap and thus cannot be placed. do the dev’s realize how frustrating it is. this is a survival game where building is one of the KEY focuses of the game. how can we build if we keep running into these invisible obstructions. for me. it is like there is an intangible 3D mass floating in mid air preventing the placement of building units… it is like i have a hole in my complex. ill try to upload a steam screenshot for reference. (cant, “new users can not upload images”)

it appears that the snapping mechanic follows a VERY strict and weird set of rules in order to work properly. by using different pieces you can usually get it to work. but it can get VERY complicated and is often FAR more trouble then it’s worth, unless you are OCD like myself.

Suggestion to the Dev’s if possible. revisit this and figure out a way to loosen the snapping restrictions. but honestly im doubtful that will ever actually be solved because i am inclines to believe it is at fault of the engine used to build the game and less an issue of code. therefore it would be impossible to do this without rebuilding the game on an entirely new engine…that is of course assuming that is in fact the case. if not, i would definitely like to see this issue resolved.

I get this at times I normally just put a Sandstone foundation in that spot and then bust it that usually clears out whatever is causing it to be non-billable

This happens all the time for me. Mostly with foundation pieces, when I’m trying to place on in between two others. I usually can fix it by positioning but not placing a ceiling piece over the space, then switching to a foundation poece and it will place. Have both on your hot bar. Also, try moving around switching to a weapon then back to the building piece. Good luck!