Building limitation or bug?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [AU/PAL]

As I have started building at G9 (southern-most shoreline), I have noticed what is either a building limitation or a bug. As I want to have a balcony overlooking the lake, I am using ceilings and pillars to accomplish this, however, it will only allow 2 pillars to be stacked on one another, I try to place a 3rd one underneath the 2nd one, and it simply won’t recognize it as a connection point. This is underwater, if that makes any difference.

Was this a planned change, a limitation with the engine, or a bug?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attempt to make balcony using ceilings and pillars
  2. Place 2 pillars
  3. Attempt to place 3rd pillar under 2nd pillar
  4. Behold your plan failing

Not sure if you havent already tried but when i encouter the dreaded red cant build blah blah, i go to safe spot log then relog…walla. Works 50% of time. Hope this helps.

Hello @CrystalGoddess, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please check the stability for the last building pieces and share the value with us?

A screenshot of this would also be useful so that we may try and replicate the behavior.

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It’s not that it goes red and says I can’t build there, it’s that it won’t allow them to snap together, I can still place one there, it’ll just look very uneven.

As per your request, @Hugo, here are some screenshots, one with what appears to be an odd visual bug.

First is attempting to place it will either be as I stated in the post above or as shown in the screenshot, stability of the above pillars and ceiling pieces are all 80, so it isn’t a stability issue.

This is the aforementioned visual bug, after I went to check stability, I was swimming away, and as you can see I am well away from the structure, but it still acts as if I’m near the ceiling with the repair hammer equiped.

Does relogging, swapping to different building pieces and back or connecting and demolishing another building piece have no effect on being able to build the pillar?

If you replace the ceiling and pillars does the issue occur consistently?

Swapping to different pieces, logging out and back in and demolishing has no effect on allowing me to place, and yes, it is consistent, it seems to only be in that particular area as well, as I have a part inside the structure that has 3 pillars on top of one another, but the difference there is a ceiling on top of the 1st one and a foundation beneath the 3rd one.

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Thank you for sharing additional details, we’ll register this issue for QA to try and replicate.

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