Cannot Interact with construction placeables

Platform: PC

Server: Any

Description: Unable to interact in any way with certain placed construction pieces. If this happens with foundations or ceiling tiles, my character will simply float over/glitch over the piece.

Nothing can be placed on these pieces (including thralls) as they just sink into the piece. Its like the piece is not there except for the textures rendered only.

Steps to Reproduce: It seems to happen randomly.

Workarounds: Some people have said that if you go out of render distance of the problem piece for a while and then come back to re-render, this fixes it. I have not see this work. Relogging does not seem to help either.


Building in a different location can also remedy this.

Ive had this many times.
Sometimes destroying other blocks in the area helps. Also make sure no other place-ables are nearby.

If you build a multi floor dwelling, where ever there is a hole in the first floor ceiling, they you cant put a block above it.
Ive built 5-6 buildings, all with 2-3 floors, the roofs all have skylights where roofing wont go.

This has nothing to do with that. All the pieces are there and rendered, but its as if they do not exist as far as collision goes

This not a collision issue with the building pieces. It is a Stability issue with the structure. You can use a Repair Hammer to check this. I have explained this in my guide and the errors you may or may not get.

I don’t think stability issues are what the OP is experiencing, but rather there are sometimes pieces such as foundations that you cannot interact with at all. The repair hammer doesn’t seem to ‘see’ them, you can’t long-press E to delete them, and if you walk over them you fall through as if nothing was there…Yet you can’t place a new object there either. The only way to be rid of these apparently ‘broken’ construction pieces is to have an admin shift-delete them. if it were simply a stability issue then it wouldn’t affect foundations flat on the ground, or ceiling tiles connected to foundations on the ground. It also affects walls, ceilings and roof pieces, and for no apparent reason. This also happens on servers without any mods, so it can’t be a Mod issue either.

Edit: The reason I ‘revived’ this thread is because I am experiencing this issue right now, and this is an answer that came up in my attempts to see if anyone had found a solution.

I remember having this issue during Early Access in my base. It was a bug that was difficult to reproduce. It is very possible that recent changes to the building system may have reintroduced the bug.

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I’m also getting this on our personal server but it apparently only happens to me, the one who built the structure. First floor has a hole in the ceiling like a Mezzanine and we have several other floors after that. Each being 2 walls high but we also have a portion that connects to the structure and extends outwards that has the same issue. Any block I walk on glides my character and said block cannot be interacted with to be destroyed. It was fine before we shut the off. Then we updated the server and I experienced it again.

I get this often when I log in and when it happens, I’ll log out and back in a minute later. Then it’s back to normal.
So this is telling me something is missing a parameter call and only catches up after re-logging.
It’s happened on stairs (Ground level entry and internally between floors, on first and second level floors of structures. It’s random as hell.
When it happens, we look like we’re jumping.