Falling animation on several objects and interaction not possible anymore

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: EU

Currently almost unplayable, half of the building creates falling animation. The responsible objects cannot be interacted with any more. The context menu is not coming up. It’s random and nothing helps, no server restart, no client restart, no deleting caches. Any suggestions? It is kinda game breaking tbh…
Affected are mostly stairs and ceilings…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. run over every stair in a building
  2. look where the falling animation keeps appearing this time
  3. stay on the object
  4. infinite falling yay

hey there , do you have the game installed on an HDD ? , if you have an SSD i suggest you to install the game on it , since it’s a known bug ( that occurs when you log on ) if you don’t have an SSD an easy work around the problem , is to get out of render distance of your base , ( far enough that the building piece despawn from you vision ) , and come back into render distance all should be fine .

the bigger the building , the more often you’ll see occurence of this bug , I also strongly suggest to wait a minute ( if your building is " big " ) standing still , before moving around your base ( the time that all your building pieces / benches / decorations , and workers/ thralls , to spawn in ) it will help have fewer pieces having this bug .

hope it helps ! :wink:

That you for your reply. I have the game installed on a SSD. Always has been.
Currently this bug occurs all the time. This wasn’t the case before the major update.
Not really much has been added to the building itself, besides the new crafting benches to test around with.
Unfortunately since the update this bug is unstoppable. Will test some more.

Still quite annoying. Every time I log in, I have to leave the whole area and log off again, log in… wait… wait… try to engage the building slowly… hopefully there is everything rendered correctly… if not… repeat. This is the intended way?

From my experience , you don’t need to log off , just leave render distance , also after leaving render distance ( when you see your base despawning / becoming invisible ) there shouldn’t be a difference if you engage slowly or quickly since the building pieces are supposed to load in first , then the benches , then the rest like decoration , since you are playing on an online private server I will ask if you play with any mods ? also is it your server ? did you rent it or create it ?

Half of the time this solves the problem partly, but after new log in, it takes awhile till I am able to run through the base without flying. At least two attempts. I see there might be a lot to render if there is a huge base, but why letting me out of the loading screen if the rendering has not been finished. This does not make sense.

The server is rented, only for a small group of players. We installed some mods for additional decoration because we like building a detailed base together. But I think this does not matter much. IMO there is work left for Funcom…

I don’t suppose that there is any kind of server setting, which is able to control or change the way of loading and rendering to avoid this problematic?

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue as it has been reported multiple times. It’s caused by a temporary desync from the server caused by one reason or another, which is why it’s difficult to reproduce to get a reliable repro case. It’s in our team’s to-do list.
@phioring bumping threads with “bump” or “+1” is not allowed by our community guidelines, so we proceeded to delete your recent messages.

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What I do when I login for the first time is literally stand there for a good 5-10 Minutes so everything loads properly before I move at all, doing that seem to fix most my base issues.

If I move inside my base as soon as I login I get the “falling” all over my base and its Highly Annoying.

Basically it’s like this *Take 10 Minutes Launching the Game Looking at a Black Screen>Finally Log in Wait Another 10 Minutes for Base to Load.

@Ignasi Thank you for the response, but no offence… if I would not have bumped anything, then all of the topics get closed after seven days and I wouldn’t have got any kind of response at all. IMO this is a terrible way of dealing with community feedback.

What do you suggest? Should I open a new topic every week?


Why is this difficult to reproduce? I do it every time I log in. I know… I mean I hope they are working on this, but the game is already several years old, right? They work hard on releasing new content for the game but bug fixing is coming quite short. Just now and then a patch about some minor issues.

This issue, however exists since day one…
I need several log in tries combined with leaving the whole area, wasting almost half an hour to get rid of it.

These are not the only issues the game still has after two years. The combat desync / lag is another topic, basically undoable. I completely stopped getting involved in combat and just build.

IMO the game is still in beta… just totally unfinished, just saying.
The customer is the new beta tester, I know.

@Moirior Thank you for your response. As I mentioned above this is the standard now, I know, but it does not work all the time. It is a workaround we are living with, which is not perfect. This issue stopped me from playing more than a year waiting to get fixed… played again… waited… and so on… and still… “it is on their list” as I just learned.

Yup, I understand the frustration. Just like this recent Patch 2.1.2 does not fix things us Players care the most about (Armor Delving Broken Since 2.1.1) Just to name One that should have been addressed in the Hotfix after they discovered they broke it with the Last Hotfix.

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