Falling animation on ceilings and foundations

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

Sometimes after joining the game I see falling animation on some foundations or ceiling

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Join the game near buildings
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This has always been a “defect”, even in early access. I believe that what you see is a designed workaround for layering / loading in player structure objects on to the static map, and static resource breakables (rocks, trees, etc.).

I think that the intent is for these workaround routines to be performed or completed before the client actually becomes loaded, and fully responsive. Regardless - this should be given some attention - either to correct the client responding prior to being fully loaded in, or to improve or permanently correct the workaround for the loading order for player and static objects.

I think so.
The problem disappears after reload objects when I go away until objects unload and go back to building.

This bug is extremely annoying! Everytime you log in you fall through structures around you, you are forced to run outside render range and reload your house… this needs to be fixed ASAP, the game has been already launched, this kind of bug shouldnt exist anymore.

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