Unable to reproduce? Toon in falling/jumping animation on building parts

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Region: [EU]

So I checked the Trelloboard and saw this “Unable to reproduce” tag on one issue.

What that player actually meant - or rather what I think s/he meant - is that building parts sometimes wont be loaded correctly.
For whatever reason, the client acts as if only the texture of those buildingparts are there, without actually being there* - thus the falling/jumping animation when moving on these. Until now I always thought the server keeps telling the client that the building parts are there, which then causes the toon to be able to move up even though the client thought there is nothing there.
It can randomly eighter be the foundations, stairs or ceilings misbehaving.

There is a high random element in that, meaning it wont happen on every login, sometimes fixing itself when it gets reloaded again. This is probably the core of devs not being able to reproduce.

There also was the nastier opposite.
Imagine you gathered stone from a giant rock, started to build your base there and next day you are stuck in the base because the entrance is being blocked by that huge rock…
Or with a tree blocking a door after logging in.
They are supposed to go away, and they do in my case too, but I wouldnt be surprised if other people still experience this bug.

If this happens on a regular basis, neither of both will be fixed by having steam verify the files.
Instead, when I deperately flipped switches from right to left and back to right or whatever else way in the geforce systemtool thingy it sometimes helped for the next login. On the other hand, I doubt that this was what fixed it. But I didnt really care.
It got properly fixed for me when I checked out the huge combat rework on testlive last year. I didnt move back to live version though but instead kept playing testlive.

*Should be connected to UE. I experienced the same with UE1 when I like…13? years ago built some easy maps for UT (never shared them though). Back then if one didnt have the map being calculated to become physical (dont know how to explain it properly), one fell into the void and died. But I seriously dont know if I am making any sense. I guess I will go silent and just point at the engine.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in
  2. Experience the toon moving in a strange way on certain building parts
  3. Try relogging or keep playing for a while in some distance to that building
  4. Eighter be lucky or unlucky to have this fixed or not
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Thanks @Nuria for the information. Our team is most interested in a reliable repro case, since as you mentioned it is an issue that can happen at random and so far our team hasn’t found a way to consistently reproduce this issue and discover what could be the reason beneath it.


I’ve noticed when this happens to me it tends to be related to my internet connection

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Everything I experience this, it’s when I log out in a room with ceiling tiles for floors and come back in :slight_smile: not sure if there’s any relation, but I never seem to get this when I log out on regular foundations

I can’t tell you exactly what is causing this “loading” and floating issue.
What i know is that it’s happening only on server, never experienced it on singleplayer, so seems related to server, connection between client/server and such.

I don’t often experiment this in the regular build now live, but more often in the testlive version. Maybe here a clue what changed between these version ?


I really think it’s related to internet connection or pc performance. I have a bad internet and a not so good pc (with large building I have to go full low). Sometimes it doesn’t load the full build and forget stairs/ceilings/Foundations and I have this issue. For me it mainly happens when logging directly into my build the first time and I always thought it was related to my pc/internet, because some other players on my private server (with good pc and internet) are not experiencing the same issue.
But even if it’s a player side issue, there should be something to do on the game so that EVERY building piece is loaded. Is that something that could be fixed with the next loading improvement ?

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Not sure if related to internet connection. For my part i have a good connection, and it happens from time to time to me.

But, and here i set the difference, in regular i experiment it less, or none, depending patches. There was some time in the past i saw never this issue. Then some patch changed how loading was handled, and the issue showed up again.
It’s again lot more back in testlive right now.

It’s server related, that’s sure, but what exactly, i can hardly state. I think the new building-load on testlive now could maybe give some insight.

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Same here. Connection is good, though upload is capped by provider.
Also I am running around with 60 fps most of the time, as I prefer performance over quality. (And only got 2gb vram…) It would run well enough on medium settings, but as there still are fps drops and some people really like to decorate…well… I keep it to low instead.

Thus it shouldnt be due to the machine it runs on.
Actually it may be what’s been pointed out before - as it only happens on login to me too.
Dumb question:
As I watched some video about the devkit, which claimed that it should have the shortest route to the files possible… It’s not going to be a similar issue? I mean…usually steam gets buried somewhere on the same partition where the OS is installed at, thus complicating the path. But I seriously dont have a clue!

The most I can agree with is the guess of the connection between client and server being the root of that.

Path has nothing to do, or you really buried you game i don’t know where.

Installing Steam, games and such in default location isn’t still a good idea. With some software and ever games you can run into trouble cause of windows and it’s autorisation to write and such.
So best install else than under programm files.

What seems more important to me is running and steam and the game on a ssd, it make all load faster. Myself i have a gaming ssd only for my gaming-fun, where i store and steam, my games, mods and what ever related to it.

Issue may happen ever when i’m alone on a server, so no direct lag due to people around. Also experimented this issue on a new DB with just one small sandstone building, so the size of the base isn’t directly related here. Sure, in bigger bases it happens often, simply because there is more stuff to float on.

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Same over here.
Experiencing this issue with game on ssd too, actually in the default place, but it didnt cause any trouble for me. Maybe I am that lucky.
Can second the issue taking place no matter how many players are on too.
What would cause information to be lost on the way? Aside of bad connection?

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