Collision changes on wall-shaped building pieces and triangle foundations HELP

Can someone please explain what this means i know PC players have had this patch and maybe they could give some insight or someone from the Dev team. Currently i play on Xbox and my main base is circular in nature so naturally it is made up of a lot of triangle foundation pieces. i just don’t have a full grasp of what they mean from the latest announcement FUNCOM just made about they parity patch coming to consoles. thank you for anyone who shares their insights on this topic.

Pre-patch often we would get messages we can’t place over triangle foundation pieces for no apparent reason …this patch was meant to address this …presumably by smoothing all the surface/sides so the game recognised it better.

What is means for you is when the patch is rolled through it might make some placed items on the triangle foundations disappear/despawn.

Example: I had six large chests placed on triangle sandstone foundation pieces … three of them remained after the patch. Three of them disappeared. So I am presuming that the three that disappeared were in contact with the part of the triangle pieces they tweaked and those that remained weren’t.

I had a furnace placed over sandstone triangle and square foundations and it de spawned. The furnace next to it which was mostly on square foundations was unaffected.

I had a stand-alone spiral staircase using triangle ceiling tiles …parts of that disappeared… and in rebuilding I had to put in extra pillar support to make it stay in place after relogging.

My circular tower (about 2walls high) and my partners much taller circular towers (eg 4walls high or higher) were untouched.

So what I advise is … move all resources (and thralls in workstations) out of any container/ workstation that is touching a triangle foundation (and ceiling piece to be extra safe) to containers that are only on square foundations… until the parity patch has been applied and you’ve played a while to see the items are stable.

Since the patch, I have replaced the furnace and chests in the same places where they despawned before and they have stayed … but I did watch them for a few days before trusting to put my resources/thrall back in them.

In addition to this, if I was playing on Xbox or ps4, I would be very concerned that the “thrall falling through foundation when building” bug that the 500+ patch brought will happen… they got fixed it but not before many people had their thralls get stuck inside buildings or fall to their death
@Tascha will the hotfix to prevent players spawning inside their foundations and thralls falling through foundations when building next to them be rolled out to the Xbox and ps4 as part of the parity patch?? ( ideally I think the parity patch should wait until Funcom has done the next pc live patch to fix what the 500+ patch broke … and bundle these together so the console players do not have to go through the same frustrating experience the pc players have)

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This was a very detailed and insightful post and I want to send a big thanks your way the examples you provided gave me huge insight into what I need to do to protect my stuff. The majority of my base is triangle foundations and triangle ceilings so I am going to have to build a few vaults to move my stuff. Again thank you for the detailed response good luck in surviving in the exiled lands

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This might be unnecessary but
A) ensure you put your new vaults on foundations with enough building about them - stand-alone vaults especially directly on the ground have a significantly shorter decay with the latest PC live patch (Funcom is trying to address land-grieving solo vault spawns by making the decay timer short)
B) place vault and leave empty until after a server restart to check that it doesn’t spontaneously despawng for no apparent reason …even IF the decay timer says a lot of hours left (recently a player posted his newly placed vault with 300+ hrs decay just disappeared overnight on him … replies indicated that this is a known random issue for newly placed vaults)

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