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I am concerned about this…

My personal base, located in the Crevice, largely relied on wedge foundations to better follow the contours of the cave when placing walls. I have a large crafting area on top of those wedge foundations, including a multitude of chests, crates, and other placeables…

As I interpret the cautionary note, in order for those items to be 100% safe, I need to remove all of my crafting stations, chests, crates, and other placeables (ie to destroy them) so that they will be safe from destruction by the patch??? Or are crafting stations, chests, and crates not included in the term “placeables?”

As noted above, I am concerned about this and possibly a bit confused… Can we get some clarification?

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The crafting stations, chests, cupboards etc that you can not pick up WILL be vulnerable to being despawned when the parity patch is rolled out … BUT not all of them will despawn … I think it will depend upon where on the triangle wedge foundation it touches and if that part is what the developers have altered

Eg I had large chests on sandstone triangle foundation pieces on PC and about half of them despawned … half were not affected.
One furnace that was mostly on a triangle piece disappeared … but the furnace next to it which was mainly on a square foundation was ok…

After the patch I could replace the large chests (and furnace) that went bye-bye with another in the same place and after watching for 24-48 hours through multiple log outs/server restarts (an offficial pve server)…none of them despawned

So as I have advised others… make storage boxes for everything INCLUDING your crafting station thralls on square foundations and move everything stored from your “at risk” triangle foundation stations, chests etc to those until after the parity patch …and do this ASAP and before you log off for any reason put your thralls in the safe cupboard incase the patch automatically installs when you next log in … you do not need to destroy your placeables before the patch …either they will ok and can be used after the patch …or they will just be gone along with anything or any thrall you had in them before the patch.

And just hope that Funcom rolls out the two hot fixes with the parity patch so you do not randomly spawn inside your foundations and so your thralls do not fall through your building and get trapped inside the foundations (or die) as soon as you build or destroy any part of your building near them … and your server doesn’t crash as soon as a particular boss is fought…


Damn… Thanks for your insight though :wink: Cheers!

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The parity patch for consoles will indeed include the hotfixes for these issues. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying to this concern, I’ll stop adding it into any replies I give about things to expect from the parity patch.

it’s a valid concern.

PS4 PVP official NA
We are currently having issues with thralls already falling through the floor. Insulated wood seems to be the biggest culprit.

Yesterday I went into the castle and it rendered slowly and I was able to pick up a bearer that was inside the foundation before it rendered back. I was able to place it elsewhere after. We have around 4-5 dancers in foundations allover, luckily they still remove corruption but what will happen with the update? will these thralls in the floor rise back up or will they be killed?

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