New patch/moving things off of triangle foundations

The patch notes for the coming week mention that in order to guarantee items are safe after patch goes live you should move all items off of triangle foundations.

This is not an easy task for a lot of players. I have some buildings that are made mostly of triangle foundations, most of them map rooms, some of them wheels of pain. These items are not easily moved. Yes map rooms can be picked up, but due to current building mechanics I can’t put them back in their buildings after I pick them up (says it is interfering with another object). Also, I’d have to go around and destroy my wheels. Luckily my main base with all of my chests is made entirely of squares, but I’m sure there are people who have a lot of chests/crafting stations/etc. on triangle foundations.

How about instead of using your player base for a test platform you just test the patch yourself? Or maybe make test servers where people know that there will be a lot of bugs and they want to help test that stuff?

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As you are probably aware the PC platform got the 500+ patch several weeks ago … this is why Funcom knows that the changes they made to triangle foundations to fix the placement issues might affect items already placed on them…atleast they are trying to warn the Xbox and ps4 users… more than what the pc users got. (There was one testlive player who reported this issue to these forums that I read during the short test-live period … but in the rush to push it before the vacation to soothe the angry playerbase this wasn’t given the attention it should have)
So there is only a chance that they will be affected by the patch so for the placeables that you have to destroy instead of picking up … just leave them and hope they survive BUT remove any thralls and consumables from them to a safer square foundation storage location before you log off any time.
Only about half the large chests I had on sandstone triangle foundations disappeared when the 500+ patch was implemented on PC (I’m on an official pve server)

Map room … very expensive to remake … so at your own risk to leave on a triangle base

It’s okay, this game is still in Early Access, right?.. oh.

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I think the player base would be more irritated with their stuff disappearing than waiting a little longer. If they learned from pc it does this, then why not attempt to solve the issue before implementing the patch?

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