Clarification on upcoming parity patch and the collision changes

The parity patch next week will change collision for walls and triangle foundations according to this post.
I don’t want to take any chances since all my bases have a circular design and would like some clarification.

Funcom says that any placeable or container on triangle pieces should be moved to square foundations.

  • Does this mean the change will affect wedges too? I’m talking about a normal wedge, not the wedge foundation.
  • A placeable is something you can place and pick up again yes? Or does Funcom have a different definition?

I can not answer about the triangle ceiling pieces … all my items that disappeared were on sandstone triangle foundations.
Also can’t answer to what will happen to thralls on the triangle foundations.

A placeable is any item that you can place both those that you can pick up again (eg tapestry, bed, protected torch) and those you can not move and have to destroy if you want to clear the space (eg cupboard, large chest, furnace, carpenters bench)

And if the placeable is despawned when the patch goes live then anything IN those will also go bye-bye (can not confirm if you will get a loot bag drop that you could loot IF you were close to the despawned item or not … the large chests that went bye-bye for me were empty. Another on my server said he lost the contents when it despawned, but as we have a short time to grab loot bags perhaps he was too late to find it after he logged in)

So Funcom is trying to warn the console users to move anything they care about into storage on square foundations as there is a risk that chests, cupboards, vaults, workstations might disappear if they are on a triangle foundations. More warning than the PC community got, I am forever grateful to that tester who reported on the forum that his items despawned when he applied the test live patch to his test game as I heeded the warning and moved everything and this action saved half my resources and my first precious named smelter …ie half my storage chests and a furnace went bye-bye with the patch but were empty …alas I can not remember his name…


Thanks for the heads up!
I’ll definitely move stuff to chests on square foundations.
All my buildings are circular and most things are placed on both triangles and squares, but I’m not taking any chances.
Especially considering the low chance for T4 thralls in the upcoming patch.

@Kruttmusa thx for this post, was curious about that too. i hope they fix this problem BEFORE they patch it to consoles, it would be stupid to spread a known issue to other platforms, the moment i get hit by that bug i ll delete the game, cause all my bases are circular

The change is coming with the parity patch, so I advise you to spend some time this week to check your base(s).
They said the patch is coming next week so that could be as soon as monday.

In addition to a storage room, I have a chest next to each workbench which holds whatever that workbench produces.
I’ll be moving any chest that’s in a risky position and also put the thrall in there when it’s done making stuff.
T4 thralls will be much rarer after the parity patch so I’m not taking any chances.

What they mean is stuff on triangle foundations and ceilings might vanish if we wont move them!

Basically everything could be thought of as an placable - what they mean though is any- and everything one can pick up again.

I had all my stuff in boxes on square foundations and they disappeared including the foundations. Think it’s related somehow? I tried to post something about it and no one responded

This post is regarding the upcoming parity patch, but similar updates might have been implemented in previous patches without being mentored in patch notes.
Check your log though.

Your issue is not related to this.

I saw your original post and thought you may have built your base in a no build zone… but why the game let you build there in the first place, I have no idea…