Drink symbols for heating cooling wrong

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE

So we realised last night that all of the alcoholic drinks have the same sun symbol even though some cool and some warm. For us we are aware of which cools and warms but a new player in the snow might not be so lucky.

Our server is modded but I can’t imagine any of them would change the symbols.

To help the devs zero in on the items that need massaging, you could sort this list by Water and list the ones that are in question.

We may have to do some testing also.



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I think it’s probably been done when they removed the text saying cooling or warming and gave it the symbols like the armour instead.

But some are incorrect? To be candid, I really don’t care about temp on Siptah; rarely even get hot or cold and it’s not like before where the correct temp gave a healing buff.

Given that, I did not even realize they symbolized the effect since I have no need to carry them.

I do agree that mods would be an unlikely culprit, which leaves game code.

More specifics will get more notice :slight_smile:



For example temperature symbols on purified water, berry juice, fiery hot imperial tea and spiced tea are identical, but effect of water and juce is cooling down while spiced and fiery hot tea - warming up. It matters, mostly in North… :grin:

^^ screens from official online, so no mods.


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