Funcom is drinking my tea

I thought some one was getting my herbal tea so I started keeping track. Sure enough some one is drink my tea while I’m logged off. :rage:

Not sure when this started, but has been recent. I noticed when I logged in I was out of herbal tea. I just off finger click 7&8 occasionally; hot bar. Drink my teas eat my feast, so running out may have just been me being my typical oblivious. So made a bunch more tea.

Next time I logged in I had no tea on me and my slot was empty. Well maybe I forgot to restock???
Grabbed 50 for my hot bar took the odd 8 and put them in my pack. Logged in today and the odd 8 are gone from my pack and I’m down to 23 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has anyone else noticed their character’s food and drink diminishing while you’re logged off?

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My poor friend, you must have fallen into the tea-drinking Anglo gang :rofl: :rofl:.

To come back to the subject, I didn’t notice this, I play on PS5, is this related? .
If I notice an anomaly I will let you know.
Have you posted a bug report?

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I’m trying to make sure it isn’t just me. I’m doing some playing now but will get a screen cap before I log off.

ETA: Can confirm my character is auto drinking while playing.

I assume you are not playing in single player but online (since you did not specify). If you are playing on a server, and likely an official one, then they are probably just decaying.

Notice the part I highlighted, expiration 0:45:00. So yeah, every 45 minutes one mug of herbal tea will expire and go “poof” from your inventory. So either pop it into your fridge with some ice before you log off or expect to see far less of it (if you see any) when you log back in.



Yup, definitely decaying. All foodstuffs should go in the fridge prior to log off.

Added measures of storing all usually equipped items in chests as well. No guarantee of surviving a log off.


Yeah the vast majority of beverages decay, however there are the one or two oddball beverages that do most have any decay time. Why… :woman_shrugging:

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Frig I dunno. Some alcohols have no decay for instance. But ya, basically most food/beverage types have decay.

At this point it is irrelevant to survival since like … not even a survival game anymore.

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I just don’t recall it going bad or at least not this fast.

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Things get shifted frequently.
Blood Sausage used to be durable and decay over hours rather than minutes.
Ice used to evaporate extremely quickly.

Never assume such little details remain the same between patches just because their alteration didn’t make it into the batch notes.
Altho this one thinks the ice becoming durable did.


That was my first thought too.
I said to my self since when herbal tea has no decay? So when i read @Oduda posting, i said ok, it still works as it use to.
So here’s a question?
How does an experienced player like @DeaconElie falls in this “trap”?
Simply because the decay system so far is bugged, it wasn’t working properly, that’s why Deacon fell in this “trap”.
Just to inform you when Siptah released i created a character on 8013. I played this character several months in this server but eventually i got bored of this server and let everything decay. A couple months ago i said, what the heck, let’s visit some old characters to delete them. I just couldn’t delete this one, it brought me back memories. The progress of this character was humiliation as i was watching that i didn’t had basic recipes. Doing surges in the beginning of Siptah was the “troll station”, people for some reason was coming to literally f…k you and gathering 1000??? was really difficult for me back then and i believe for almost anyone who wasn’t playing pvp*.

Long story short, forgive my derail habit, this character that i didn’t visit literally for years had still pork feasts on the hotbar :rofl:.

So probably @DeaconElie was experiencing this bug that was obviously a feature for him. These special little bugs can become a reason for players come in here and develop strong opinions to end up on forum pvp.

As for what my dearest @LostBrythunian said it’s absolutely true and it’s happening after the age of sorcery release very often. We have silent fixings through server restarts, minor details that until the day before wasn’t working properly.

  • (million times said pvp is the best pve school because it forces you to learn fast and be effective)

it was me, I was thirsty

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Here’s the thing, over 12 hours logged off I lost 1 tea to decay. The other day I lost 25 in 24 hours. While I was logged in yesterday about 2 hours I lost 3.

If decay had been 1 or 2 over night I wouldn’t have noticed, but losing 25 in 24 hours I noticed.

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I had practically the entire “age of war” at my bar “Cimmerian feasts”, they are good for regular PVE - decent bonuses and 1,5 h decay … and most importantly we had really a lot of them.

I’ve learned that they do not spoil (max one) even if I leave them in the bar even if I haven’t played for a few days. But the last “chapter” FC changed something and in two days all the 23 I had on my bar disappeared - since then I have to go to the fridge every time I log into the game.

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Just as a curiosity , do you happen to have or a new clanmate , a new neighbour that built closeby or have been in a new base built somewhat closer to a travel spot / popular spot ?

cause when you are in the middle of nowhere with no clanmate around and not a frequent passage , then you most likely wont see any food decay when loged off , but if you have someone else near enough to make it decay while you’re logged off then you will see it decay

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Just a thought, could it be that when you log off and leave a body and somebody enters rendering distance that your inventory contents are also rendered even if inaccessible?
It would explain why generally nothing in my inventory spoils when logged off somewhere with low traffic, but i wake up to spoiled meat sometimes logging at the sorcerer event locations.

It wouldn’t explain people dying while offline on PvE though. Which i haven’t had recently, thankfully.


The point is that in online servers decay must work correctly. Until the age of sorcery it was working ok. And i say ok and not correct because in times i was having characters that their food didn’t decay when it was on hot bar. After age of sorcery almost all the characters i created didn’t loose food from hotbars not just some.
This game often has selective bugs and i know what you read seems not possible, but i really stop dealing with this situation.
Let me tell you another story.
Some time ago with another member in here i had a huge argument. Wearing the Abyssal armor, using rolling thrust and sword of Crom, you could kill a world boss in six hits non stop. So my argument was simple, nothing hits harder than a player.
However, because i am no dev and i have lack of knowledge how to explain what i was experiencing, this conversation end up on accepting serious insults from the other member. Later on i learn what i was using, but it wasn’t intentional from my side, neither i was aiming for it, i was simply using “correct timing” for dodge and correct timing for hit. But this correct timing was called “lag switch”.
Ofcurce pvp players fast learn about the lag switch of rolling thrust and we end up having it nerfed with rolling thrust, not before nerfing sword of Crom to the ground.
So i don’t have knowledge of the correct terms to explain you what you were experiencing all this time other than the word “bug”.
If this bug didn’t exist i wouldn’t log in on a 2+ years forgotten character and still find pork feast in the hot bar :woman_shrugging:t4:. But like i told you before this didn’t happen always to all the characters i created!

Ps. @Kanza1 is correct to what he says, but even this don’t seem to work always!
Other than that long ago @Taemien explained more or less how things work with benches (when we are offline) and the same should go with decay timers.

Ever hear “If a tree falls in the forest but no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

In Conan Exiles, the answer is no. Objects only decay if someone is nearby to render them in, if you’re in an area with little traffic or the server was just quiet, it’s possible there was nobody to load in your inventory. That’s why sometimes you’ll only lose 1 oe 2 teas, and other times you’ll lose 24. If you logout in the middle of nowhere you’ll lose less.

Better to invest in a fridge.


Actually that makes sense. I’m way in the east jungle close to one of the obelisks. It’s out of the way unless some is farming sorcerers at dagon decent. Considering the event right now, it makes sense it’d be a lot busier then normal.

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